Monday, 29 June 2009

Ma Bete Noire

My Bete Noire is Paperwork. Home paperwork. I hate it with a fiery vengeance. I mean, after all I am a civil Servant - I do paperwork every day of my working life - I should be used to it by now.

But no and there lies the rub - at work I am PAID to do paperwork, at home I am not AND it impinges on time for my creative side. When wading through paperwork I'm not having fun. I am not enjoying myself. And certainly not being paid to do it, so no incentive there either.

So, to those of you that know me, I often refer to Mount Paperwork. Here is the evidence. You will note two frames as well - these are obviously not paperwork, but some photo manipulation and re-sizing work I said I would do for some friends. You see, I would enjoy doing that rather than the paperwork, but not going to do it until I have done some paperwork - the whole pleasure/pain syndrome.

They may have to wait some time .........


  1. I have always found your Mount Paperwork a huge comfort dear friend. It makes me feel that there is a tiny chink in your organised armour and man, I love that! I have no tips. (Except the one I live in, obviously, which currently would give you goosebumps!

  2. Mount Paperwork Lyn, call that a mountain! More like a pimple compared to M's mountains, yep, mountains in the plural!

    I will do a his and hers WOYWW especially for you this week, it will either kill you or cure you hun :D