Thursday, 2 July 2009


Good gravy, this week has flown by. Off work last week, extra day off work and back Tuesday. Yes, yes, I know it is What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and it is now Thursday, but I blame the heat. And work. Which, of course, had I not had a week and a day off, I wouldn't have as much. It's a vicious circle!

Anyhoo, here was my workdesk last night, photographed just before I staggered slowly into bed. And it is exactly the same now. I had to work late tonight, you know, to catch up from the week and a day off work, and was actually "thrown" out of the building by the tannoy message that it was closing with me shouting I couldn't possibly leave yet, I still had work to do ..... Sad. So Sad.

So what is on my desk? Well the bright pink, brighter pink and assorted colours of felt are my first attempt at fabric ATCs for a UKS swap. I have been faffing about with these for weeks and the deadline for posting is rapidly approaching and I hate being late for anything, especially involving other people. I finally came up with the idea of the flowers, bought yet more colours of felt (none of which I have used) and finally begged Wednesday crafting friend to poke me into the right direction. She is brilliant, during my faffing with something and glue and being completely undecisive (because I ran out of decisions at work) - slapping her hand over mine and just sticking it down. It is always in the right place and I can never work out why I faffed for so long in the first place.

You may also see a slimline card with a row of stamped and coloured flowers in flower pots. Not one of my best efforts and about to be consigned to the bin. It was intended to be a get well soon card for my cousin who unfortunately works in one of the school that has been closed because of swine flu and she is one of the unlucky staff that caught it from a pupil. Actually cousin is quite poorly and I wanted to cheer her up with a hand made card. Unfortunately it had the opposite affect on me, let alone sending it to her, so I through it across the desk and started faffing with the ATCs.

I blame the heat. Just throw me on the floor and hose me down - I'll be fine.


  1. Well Lyn, I think you are way too hard on yourself. Cut oout the flowerpots in a nice oblong, 'mat and layer' add a small tag with a message and you'll love it. It's perfectly nic as it is, but if you don't like it, this is another suggestion! I love the idea of fabric fun. ANd the spritzer bottle> For an all over cool down or something to do with crafting?? Love that you WOYWW!!

  2. Yes Mrs, far too hard on yourself! As for the card, listen to Mrs Dunnit and just go for it! I know that will cause palpitations, but just do it!

    The ATC's look fab, looking forward to seeing them in all their glory :) DON'T forget to post a piccy lol.

  3. You have a great production line going there! Kim

  4. TWO WEEKS since you posted! Come on, you are letting the Dolly side down!