Thursday, 4 June 2009

Here we go

None of my varied life had actually prepared me for the effects of cognitive analytical therapy – the receiving end. I hope this therapy will help overcome my remaining health issues, stop the need for medication and finally release me from specialist medical care. The therapist has encouraged me to keep a diary, journal, or whatever, and hence this blog.

Whilst, of course, daily holding down my career, being that dutiful daughter, good wife, loving mother, avid crafter (still not necessarily in that order) plus all-round puggled person I seem to be just now. May the random ramblings commence ...


  1. WHOOT! Well done puggled person!

  2. Puggled or not looking forward to your ramblings. Lou x

  3. Good wife loving mother and dutiful daughter are as natural to you as breathing in and out girly. Look forward to your thoughts and schemes very much. Specially the puggled ones!