Saturday, 7 July 2012

Art Journalling With Intent

Wow, obviously not as puggled as I thought and that idea made it from brain to page.  I've really been working up to Art Journalling (two "l"s, you'll notice).  As I have enough "stash" to open a market stall, I want to use paints rather than buy any stains or stuff, currently being promoted right left and centre ("re", you'll notice) and have been practising backgrounds with varying success.

Now my fellow Doll, Lou, has an appreciation of diverse art forms fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on her/your opinion on the picture...).  So, art journalling it was for her page on the subject of "Silhouettes and Songs".  The thinking was to pick a song title or words from a song for inspiration and create a page around this, a silhouette(s) to be the main design feature. The Beatles' haunting song "While my guitar gently weeps" proved the perfect subject and this is my interpretation, art-journalling-stylee.

Friday, 6 July 2012

The Garter

I've spent the last 2 days working in Lincoln and had a horrendous journey home in the torrential rain.  Fortunately we finished earlier because of the depressing forecast.  This gave me time to complete DorothyAnne's page. 

I had already distress inked the background with blues and purples, found the image and made the black garter.  After embellishing the background with embossed stamping and glimmer mists, I added the image, garter, words and added the gems with my new Hotfix toy ..... I've been gemming everything in sight since I had it, heh, heh, but hubby won't let me near his car with it .... (just can't get the husbands these days).

I'm on a roll now and started the next one, albeit only in my brain.  It may take some time, though, I'm feeling particularly puggled at the mo!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Fun at the Beach

No, not me, only in my dreams.  The flipping weather this summer has been absolutely pants and it must be getting lots of people down.  Hey ho.

Anyhoo, the weather was my inspiration for my latest page in the CJ that is a Swap for my fellow Madonion, Karen

Karen's subject was "Fun at the Beach" and for a while I was completely stumped because everything I started (including painting a lighthouse, don't ask) just didn't work out.  So, happily browsing the Internet, I came across this wonderful lady, complete with shell costume - sorted!  The image was promarkered then UTEE embossed.  The background was created with Holtz distress inks, stamping, embossed stamping and Sizzix die cuts.  The dymo words ("I hope two hatpins will suffice" she thought) were added then glossy accented.  Despite all my angst in the creation thereof, this page makes me smile. 

First challenge - to post it - and second challenge - on to the next page!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

June Already ...

I turn into my own mother when I say "where on earth has the year gone already?"  Still, this was me just 3 weeks ago after another hospital emergency admission and have avoided again what I fear will be the inevitable surgery.  SIGH.

Still, seeing friends Thursday and Friday then the girly day out on Saturday  being pampered with luxury facial was Just the Business. Followed by the obligatory lunch of course - managed to force it down somehow.

My mojo seems to have been as heavily medicated as me and I have really struggled with anything crafty.  But, the devil making work for idle hands and thanking the Lord for smart phones, during my long week in hospital I spent many a happy hour surfing the BBC Food site.  The result was a reclaimed love of baking followed by an expensive visit to Lakeland to replace some of my antique-no-longer-fit-for-purpose bakeware and a willingness to weigh everything in sight except me!

Mojo finally recovered and today I finished my Jubilee, Best of Britain, jigsaw puzzle swap.  I found some lovely silvery London background paper and the red and blue colours reminded me of the Underground logo.  Doing some digging I was amazed to discover that world's first underground tube railway was the Tower Subway beneath the River Thames south of Tower Hill in 1870.  Amazing.  And something to be very proud of. 

Minature copies of today's Tube map are tucked under the raised logo on the jiggie pieces and signed on the reverse.  As I realised with my only other jigsaw swap, the signatues on the back disappear when it's mounted!  Having seen some of the other contributions I can't wait to get the whole swap back.  All I have to do now is post mine .......

Friday, 6 April 2012

A CJ That's a Swap

No, it's not me being puggled, I really am in a CJ that is a swap.  Usually, the description gives it away - a Circle Journal - a Journal doing the Round Robin, in a Circle - geddit?  But not this time.  One of group, the lovely and talented Voodoo Vixen, (check out her latest tutorial on ageing paper) lives abroad.  So, we have a participant list, post to the next person on the list, then the one after that, and so on.  Even my puggled brain can cope.  Mostly.
Firstly, the Guilt.  I'd already received 2 beautiful pages on my chosen subject - the Fae - and I hadn't even started my first.  Okay, the severe concussion incident did not enthuse my crafting juices.  Recovery was  followed by trip to Eye Casualty and back again the following week because it hadn't cleared up, by which time there were no juices whatsoever.
The first page received from the digitally talented New2this (March 12th post) included both purply colours and butterflies - 2 of my favourite things. The photo above of my next page from buddy Lou does not do true justice to all the sparkly bits.  Sparkles and Bling - mmmmmmm!
So, giving Missing Mojo the required kicking my pages finally reached the top of my Guilt List.  And, once started, there was no stopping me.  The first subject was anyone, anything that inspires.  I chose Inspired by (the Art of) Nature and felt the need to get my acrylics out, plus dymo and Glossy Accents.
The second subject was Vintage Sewing so naturally out came Sir T!m's Sewing Room die.  I inked some new background paper purchased courtesy of the NEC, lace, material, fabric flowers (the middles blinged using my latest Hotfix toy ..... mmmmmm... bling!).

So now I am ahead of myself for once - long may it last!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sew Much Fun

Well, I have had sew much fun making fabric ATCs for a swap over at UKS this weekend.  The subject was "As Quiet as ..." and I pondered this for a fair while before collecting and commiting to the making thereof.

Of course, in the best laid plans, yada, yada, nothing is ever straight forward, nor did they turn out as planned.  But I did have fun and renewed my love of sewing.  Daughter danced from the age of 3 until she went to university and I was her chief Wardrobe Mistress.  I think having spent years making solo, duet, trio and troupe costumes, I needed a break.  Feeling much more enthused now, even if these ATCs couldn't have been made without liberal doses of PVA glue!
And these are the finished articles and, just because of the dance costume influence, I couldn't resist the use of sequins, beads and bling.  If I had a £ for every sequin I've sewn, I could probably retire tomorrow.  Those were the days ....

Monday, 5 March 2012

Vintage Love - A Second Secret Book

Vintage Love - A Second Secret Book

So, unaided and unabetted by various health issues, I finally finished my second book, for the wonderful host over at UK Scrappers (UKS), Nettyb.  Netty's subject was vintage love, roses and the such-like. 

Please excuse formatting of this post - I'm fed up faffing with Blogger.

The covers were fairly straight forward once I'd chosen the main colour schemes (vintage cream and red) - with "love" and "roses" of course. 
 I wanted to use lots of lace and bits and pieces I'd collected for the very purpose thereof.
I also wanted to use a poem and an easy choice was "How do I love thee" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
The tag is shown out of the pocket - I hid this part of the verse - it seemed appropriate!
 Lots of paper tearing, inking, lace, fabric butterflies, ephemera and even a fabulous feather or two.

The Butterflies and Buttons pages are either side of the "secret" matchboxes   
The matchboxes form the base of the book.

Vintage romantic images and more roses

 Weirdly, no stamping anywhere ....

So, finally finished, filled with crafting goodies,
carefully packaged and posted by hubby.  I can cross it off the top of my Guilt List - I hate missing deadlines.  I knew what I wanted to do, well, roughly, but am always amazed how long it actually takes me, even if I do manage to kick my "Be Perfect Driver" well and truly into touch!


Friday, 3 February 2012

Well.  After a long break and having been Particularly Puggled, I have decided to blog again to showcase some of the art and crafts swaps I have been in with some of the most talented crafters I know.  I can't promise to blog regularly, but will do my best!

The latest has been the Secret Books Swap.  I have been the extremely lucky recipient of 2 fabulous pieces of work.  The first was from Anne - a Steampunk Secret Book you can see showcased on her blog Anne-ecdotes.  The second was from Annette, all the way from Canada, and showcased on her blog Scrap Happens Here.  Both very different and both amazing work and the most wonderful crafty pieces to treasure in the secret drawers.

The instructions for this "secret book" are here and it has taken me well out of my comfort zone.  RL and health issues have bitten me on the bum and I have only managed to finish my first book and had to email my second recipient to apologise and explain.  Luckily for me, she is one understanding woman.  I have all the bits for the book, just want do this special swap justice and not rush for the sake of it.

Anyhoo, the theme for my first recipient is "Masks" and I have no idea why, but I felt the need to get my acrylics and watercolours out, which meant lots of drying times (note to self - do NOT assemble the book BEFORE decorating).  I haven't shown the contents of the drawers (you can just see the little handles at the top of the photos.  Apart from my lacking in photography skills, I hope I have done this justice and that Frances likes the actual book!

Righty Ho - off to carry on with the second book!