Thursday, 18 June 2009


What's on your Work desk Wednesday, or WOYWW to those of us in the know, a brilliant idea by a fellow Dolly Diva teamie of mine, Mrs Dunnit, from over on UKS - and hence the new avatar link to it on the right. Despite having managed to acquire the link and work out how to show it on my blog, I am ashamed to admit that I haven't managed to join in yet - for 2 weeks.

This week I blaming work sending me away for 2 days and me only arriving home Wednesday night and my desk was clear because I hadn't done any crafting for a week, so I couldn't join in. Again. But, watch this space for next week. Well, not THIS space exactly, my work space. Not at WORK, you understand, but at home. My Home Work Space. I hope. I have the WOYWW and I'm not afraid to use it. Puggled, maybe, but definitely not afraid.

Anyhoo, it's Jules' fault - she mentioned banana muffins and I couldn't get the visual out of my mind, or the virtual taste. HOME MADE banana muffins, I hesitate to add. And THEN the mention of strawberries, my favourite, let alone what else was on her desk!!!!!!

Next week it is then.......

Oh, and I am not even going to mention the G word. I have a very bad case of Bean Envy. Green Bean Envy, to be precise.


  1. You have missed a golden opertunity Lyn, could have had the tidiest workspace on WOYWW!

  2. The beauty of WOYWW is that it just doesn't matter...when, or what it looks like. Hope you got the taste for muffins satisfied...I'm following your puggled posts - the fact that I understand - is that because we're on the same wavelength or should I be scared?!!!!!!