Wednesday, 24 June 2009

WOYWW - Debut!

WOYWW - What's on Your Work desk Wednesday - debut! My Teamies and those that know me will be impressed that I refrained from tidying it up before I took the photo - but I managed it! So, what is on my work desk?

Mainly my sewing machine - the first time it has been out since DD stopped dancing just before she went to uni and no more costumes to make. The reason it was dusted off was to alter her BF sister's prom dress. A beautiful creation from China with 3 layers of material, the top being chiffon, a sequined and beaded bodice, and a train. Easy peasy lemon squesy - NOT! Of course it took a lot longer than I anticipated, but well worth it - she looked beautiful. Plus I enjoyed the girls' company whilst sewing, trying on, sewing, trying on, layer at a time, train and strap removal. Hence the blue box which has all my sewing threads in, the multi coloured binder - my overflow ATC (ACC!) collection and the inchies on the shelf - I was just adding the fab orange ones from the last swap - and other things that they went through, making all the right oooohs and aaaaahs at the art work. Then the Circle Journals, mini books, scrapbooks, yada, yada, keeping them entertained whilst the sewing machine was doing what it does best. Talking of company, you may spot Boo - DD Furbie lurking in the corner - he occasionally wakes up and then goes back to sleep snoring, normally making me jump because I forget he's there. The circular Nestibility thingy is a coloured image I was experimenting with for a thank you card. Pretty random stuff really, all of which I am about to clear so that I can tackle Mount Paperwork before making curtains, cushions and runner .... but both of those are other stories. As is The Bean.......


  1. Well done Mrs! I am impressed that you managed to suppress the urge to tidy up, it must have been very hard for you :-)

  2. It all looks pretty tidy to me but then I'm a very untidy person so it would lol.
    The last time I used a sewing machine, and not that well, was about 35 years ago so I envey anyone who is a good seamstress.