Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Hoops - an Olympic Sport for the Workplace

I have a love/hate relationship with my job and tonight I don't have the strength for either. I learned a long time ago to dance on a shifting carpet so that no-one could pull the rug from under me. And then I took on my latest role. On 1st April. April Fools Day. I should have spotted the Omen. But, ever the optimist, me.

If Jumping Through Hoops was an Olympic Sport, I would now qualify for a Gold Medal. With danger money.

I have spent 2 weeks discovering how to do something new. With dire consequences, if anything goes wrong, and, hence, The Hoops. I have spoken to, researched and consulted with the Workpace and his Dog to reach the end game today. I have also learned that, if all else fails, go with The Dog.

So, there I was, with The Dog, jumping happily through hoops late this afternoon and smiling with a Satisfied-With-A-Job-Well-Done smirk - and someone lit the hoops mid-leap. Then drowned the work of the last 2 weeks in an attempt to put the fire out. I wasn't at all sure where the resultant smoke and steam was coming from, until a colleague pointed out it was from me. Out of my ears and very probably not the only orifaces. But the only ones I'm admitting to. I have now pointed one VIP to the opposing VIP and said I would simply do whatever the Winner decides and settle for position of Third Place.

Mutter Chunter. Learning Curve? More like a bl**dy Harrier Jump Jet leap. Mutter Chunter.


  1. Yikes LYn, let me write yo a note girly. Go in tomorrow and be intolerant beligerant and double standard-ent; ahow them what it's like working for someone who can;t cope with what they throw at them.

  2. LOL, Jules, as always you made me chuckle! If only you could write me a note and if only I could just behave like that! Instead I shall be Mrs Sweetness and Light and just deal with the fallout. Apparently, it's what they pay us for, danger money not an option!!!

  3. Sending one parachute to the woman in Brum, along with new marbles and a baseball bat!