Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sew Much Fun

Well, I have had sew much fun making fabric ATCs for a swap over at UKS this weekend.  The subject was "As Quiet as ..." and I pondered this for a fair while before collecting and commiting to the making thereof.

Of course, in the best laid plans, yada, yada, nothing is ever straight forward, nor did they turn out as planned.  But I did have fun and renewed my love of sewing.  Daughter danced from the age of 3 until she went to university and I was her chief Wardrobe Mistress.  I think having spent years making solo, duet, trio and troupe costumes, I needed a break.  Feeling much more enthused now, even if these ATCs couldn't have been made without liberal doses of PVA glue!
And these are the finished articles and, just because of the dance costume influence, I couldn't resist the use of sequins, beads and bling.  If I had a £ for every sequin I've sewn, I could probably retire tomorrow.  Those were the days ....


  1. Oh my, these are lovely!! I am so looking forward to having them all back so I can make the covers and get them all together!!