Friday, 6 April 2012

A CJ That's a Swap

No, it's not me being puggled, I really am in a CJ that is a swap.  Usually, the description gives it away - a Circle Journal - a Journal doing the Round Robin, in a Circle - geddit?  But not this time.  One of group, the lovely and talented Voodoo Vixen, (check out her latest tutorial on ageing paper) lives abroad.  So, we have a participant list, post to the next person on the list, then the one after that, and so on.  Even my puggled brain can cope.  Mostly.
Firstly, the Guilt.  I'd already received 2 beautiful pages on my chosen subject - the Fae - and I hadn't even started my first.  Okay, the severe concussion incident did not enthuse my crafting juices.  Recovery was  followed by trip to Eye Casualty and back again the following week because it hadn't cleared up, by which time there were no juices whatsoever.
The first page received from the digitally talented New2this (March 12th post) included both purply colours and butterflies - 2 of my favourite things. The photo above of my next page from buddy Lou does not do true justice to all the sparkly bits.  Sparkles and Bling - mmmmmmm!
So, giving Missing Mojo the required kicking my pages finally reached the top of my Guilt List.  And, once started, there was no stopping me.  The first subject was anyone, anything that inspires.  I chose Inspired by (the Art of) Nature and felt the need to get my acrylics out, plus dymo and Glossy Accents.
The second subject was Vintage Sewing so naturally out came Sir T!m's Sewing Room die.  I inked some new background paper purchased courtesy of the NEC, lace, material, fabric flowers (the middles blinged using my latest Hotfix toy ..... mmmmmm... bling!).

So now I am ahead of myself for once - long may it last!

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  1. They are both lovely pages Lyn and your 'inspired by' one for me is really beautiful IRL too.