Friday, 6 July 2012

The Garter

I've spent the last 2 days working in Lincoln and had a horrendous journey home in the torrential rain.  Fortunately we finished earlier because of the depressing forecast.  This gave me time to complete DorothyAnne's page. 

I had already distress inked the background with blues and purples, found the image and made the black garter.  After embellishing the background with embossed stamping and glimmer mists, I added the image, garter, words and added the gems with my new Hotfix toy ..... I've been gemming everything in sight since I had it, heh, heh, but hubby won't let me near his car with it .... (just can't get the husbands these days).

I'm on a roll now and started the next one, albeit only in my brain.  It may take some time, though, I'm feeling particularly puggled at the mo!


  1. It's lovely and the barter is brilliant! I do remember when I got my hotfix gem thingy how everything that stayed still ended up blinged... never seen DH move so fast!! ;)

  2. Oh poop... garter, not barter!! and now I have to that silly what is the letters thing again... :(

    1. LOL, nm Annette, I know just how you feel AND I seem to remember on UKS when you bought your hotfix gem thingy!