Saturday, 16 June 2012

June Already ...

I turn into my own mother when I say "where on earth has the year gone already?"  Still, this was me just 3 weeks ago after another hospital emergency admission and have avoided again what I fear will be the inevitable surgery.  SIGH.

Still, seeing friends Thursday and Friday then the girly day out on Saturday  being pampered with luxury facial was Just the Business. Followed by the obligatory lunch of course - managed to force it down somehow.

My mojo seems to have been as heavily medicated as me and I have really struggled with anything crafty.  But, the devil making work for idle hands and thanking the Lord for smart phones, during my long week in hospital I spent many a happy hour surfing the BBC Food site.  The result was a reclaimed love of baking followed by an expensive visit to Lakeland to replace some of my antique-no-longer-fit-for-purpose bakeware and a willingness to weigh everything in sight except me!

Mojo finally recovered and today I finished my Jubilee, Best of Britain, jigsaw puzzle swap.  I found some lovely silvery London background paper and the red and blue colours reminded me of the Underground logo.  Doing some digging I was amazed to discover that world's first underground tube railway was the Tower Subway beneath the River Thames south of Tower Hill in 1870.  Amazing.  And something to be very proud of. 

Minature copies of today's Tube map are tucked under the raised logo on the jiggie pieces and signed on the reverse.  As I realised with my only other jigsaw swap, the signatues on the back disappear when it's mounted!  Having seen some of the other contributions I can't wait to get the whole swap back.  All I have to do now is post mine .......


  1. Fabulous! I love how everyone has a completely different take on the jiggie pieces, this is going to be a really lovely jiggie when it all comes together!!

  2. Oh what a fabulous idea Lynn. Can't wait to get it.

  3. Great's so good to see all the different takes.....Hope you are feeling better now. Love and hugs S x

  4. That is brilliant. Fabulous idea and looks great X