Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Already Wednesday!

Again the Roller Coaster of Life races on. From the lows and highs of saying goodbye to a friend at the funeral on Monday, the lows of having a really bad back and the highs of having my new nails "filled" this week.

Anyhoo, this weekend, only able to sit in a comfy chair, I decided to start my bedroom curtains. Not just window curtains, but curtains for behind the glass in the wardrobe, matching co-ordinating cushions and a bed runner. So that it what is on my workdesk this Wednesday! Also at the front is my tiny steel hem measuring ruler - nothing special, you would think, except that I have had it since I was about 17! This is my third sewing machine. My parents bought me my very first basic one when I was about 14, then as a reward for my O Levels, bought me a super-duper one which lasted for years and when it was finally beyond repair, this is my latest, now some 6 years old now. I have rediscovered my love for sewing just - after a 2 year break from making DD dancing costumes for over 10 years!

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  1. Oh great pic Lyn. Nice that you're sewing again - I think when you do't have to do something, the motivation is different, huh! Fabric looks lovely. I've still got grandmas original electric singer in a box with lots of strange bits. Most useful are the teeny screwdrivers!!