Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Weirdness and New Experiences

It's a funny old life, this one. One being the operative word. We just get the one.

Going through my own recovery from a long .... ummmm ..... condition ...... for want of a better word, I have not had a good few weeks but know there is light at the end of a few months tunnel with any luck. Last week Monday, I just could not go to work. Work, a new role that I am absolutely loving and enjoying and what is keeping me relatively grounded and for which I am very grateful. Very early that morning I had a message to call a friend only to find that another friend's partner had died suddenly in the night. For us that is the second friend lost in less than 4 months. Are we really that old, when it is no longer our elderly relatives, but our peers? Sobering thought.

And so to lighter things. Crafting also keeps me sane, although the offspring (albeit aged 24, son, and 20, daughter) regularly aim to throw me off balance, they haven't quite managed it.


Daughter (youngest child) has been suggesting for a long while that I try false nails as mine have steadfastly refused to grow back to their former glory. Not just any false nails, but acrylic tips and gel stuff with spray on French polish and gloss. A whole new world for me. Just as long as she doesn't attempt to get me to try the 6 inch stilettos that she is also very attached to. Lots of pairs of teetering eye-wateringly high shoes - things of a misspent youth a very long time ago for me. And several stones less pressure on the poor old feet. I don't think they even do 6 inch stilettos in an extra wide fitting.

And here is the result of a visit to a lovely man named Yum - who could resist? Of course husband and son made all the right noises, as they have been well trained. Especially as, also on the spur of the moment, I had my hair cut at the same time. N0t the same time as having the nails done, but straight after, if you're still following. No big thing you would think, but if the family think my hair is too short (it's STILL shoulder length after being cut and long enough to put up in a twist for work) there have been threats of divorce and disowning in the past, although not necessarily in that order.

What can I say? I LURVE my new nails and, 2 weeks on, they are still a) attached, b) still looking FINE, even though I say so myself, c) Not stopping me crafting, d) Now longer and all the same length for the first time in so long that I cannot remember and e) now hindering my ability to type. Well, not to actually type, but actually hit the keys I was aiming for. Would I do it again? Hell yeah!

And here is the proof of my crafting on a tiny scale AND with long nails - my 2 groups of red inchies for the August Inchie Swap on UKS with our fabulous Monthly Colour Inchie Swap host, Tracy. Thanks Tracy and keep up the good work! Having just finished a fabulous fabric ATC swap I am so into fabric at the moment, so these are felt, lace flowers, beads, fabric butterflies, yarn and yummy red stickles - gotta have a bit of glitter!

And so back to where I started - life is not a rehearsal dear reader, so remember to make the most of the one you have!


  1. Ah life. You are so right lyn. So if your new nails make you vain and you can't live without them - go for it, all the time! The hair - well I think you were brave, I've experienced the silent treatment over short hair! And the inchy thingys..my goodness gal, they're extraordinary - put me in mind of those high heeled slippers the film stars wore!

  2. Those inchies are FAB hun! Hats off to you, i just can't get them at all, still doing to one for Julia, promised ........ when? That long ago?

    So true about this being "it" This is no dress rehearsal, live life to the full, and then some more :) What's the saying,

    "Work like you don't need money,
    Love like you've never been hurt,
    And dance like no one's watching."

    So dance Lyn, dance :)

  3. Ooo nice nails! I couldn't manage the stilettos either!