Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bad, Bad Blogging

Bad, bad blogging, and I don't just mean me. Almost a month since my last entry, no WOYWW as I've been busy Wednesdays with a friend for weeks, trying to keep up with other blogs I follow let alone my own. Work has been busy, real life has been busier, the therapy is proving above and beyond my expectations and, a month later, I again have a bad back, worse than last time. Nothing I can do except the prescribed exercises, resting it, using a stick and keep popping the pain killers, grrrr arrrrgh. It is a hereditory spine condition from my mother's side that I and 2 of my cousins have and I am the only one so far that has escaped spinal surgery. SIGH.

Anyhoo, on a lighter side, we are reaping the benefits of gardening in pots - we are happily munching on home grown lettuces, spring onions, basil, tomatoes ripening a treat and the chilli plants blossoming as I type. Oh, and beans, but that is another story.

Another fantastic crafter I have the privilege to know in RL - Helen - has started her blog. Just check out the wonderful Loving the Traditional if you want a real treat!

Off to creak about for a bit.......

I'll be back. Back. BACK. Geddit?

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