Thursday, 30 July 2009


Life is passing by at a speed of knots, a roller coaster ride with moments that leap out and bite you, including the sad loss of a friend Sunday. I have not felt in the gardening, blogging or crafting mood for a while now and the weather hasn't helped. However, this is the photo of my desk last night. To be honest it is exactly how I left it on Monday as I was out on a meal with colleagues last night and a very yummy one it was too.

So, what is on my desk .... The colour does not show true because the sun was shining behind the orange curtains, but you will spy a theme of red. I have one set of inchies for next month's red swap and the second set are drying at the back on a box. My inchie acrylic album is open at the purple month as I was seeking inspiration and this little book rarely lets me down! Ahhh, and you may also spot my latest toy ..... a little red nintendo DS Lite *blush* .... purely for the training of this old brain, of course..... !

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  1. Ah Lyn, how I love to see your desk. And that inchie album is a thing of colourful beauty. As for the DS..totally understand that - brain training extremely important!